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🇺🇸 MagaSymb’Z | 7 | 98 Years Ago..

Publié le 25/04/18 par Incompréhensible

98 years Ago…

Cette édition est en Anglais, elle a été traduite de la version originale du MagaSymb’z écrire par Equinox.

This edition is in English, it was translated from the original version of MagaSymb’ z to write by Equinox.

Welcome in a new edition of MagaSymb’Z. Special Year 20! You discovered hairstyles trends, which return fashionably today and you were very many has to vote, more than 300! An edition, which is available in English, something unheard of!

Investigation on the cups of the 20s, which make a strong comeback!

First part : Girls

You were 94% to vote YES for this sumptuous haircut, a back haircut with a bun said « rolled up » who goes down with a this little accessory , a crowbar is nothing else than for tie them, this little wick who overhang the front, and these earring, this haircut is already adopted by your eyes !





This haircut, you were barely less fans ! It’s a variant from the first haircut but more heavy ! On the side, more locks of hairs pass (je suis pas sure si c’est pass). The earring carry a look pretty dark on the model wearing, but the makeup gives a beautiful dyed  Anyway, these haircuts become trends at the big models.





This haircut, you were on 50/50% ! Many don’t like, orthers like. This haircut is very special because the bandana’s a fashion of the past with the flowers who are aging the haircut.







 2nd part : Boys

For this first boy’s haircut presented, you were 80% to say YES, you like so much shorts hairs with a little « puff »   in front of ! Raised. It’s true that’s simple, but is convenient in everyday Life.







For the second, I propose to you a haircut, sideways shaved and flattened in front, you don’t like it at 61%!








Of course the handsome for the end ! A haircut very stylish with locks of hairs who are leaving on the side (un peu bombé je sais pas), very stylish ! You were 97% to say YES, wich is huge and never see in my surveys ! This haircut This cup would thus be has to propose during a future competition ?:)






Pauline-Xuty, came to light to the public, at least, rather these super-powers! The Die-dubbing! They were only two, but her can make everything!




A presentation of the photos of the French community, congrat  for the first place of Joyex-Clemance !





For the second place, Congratulation to Lili !

This flowers, in Jenny’s colors!







For the last place , congrat  to Lyae, for his photo in French colors!






Under the sun, the tropics… How says the song, let us leave discovering that she(it) magnificent islands!

The unitz of birthday for Jenny, made not Vaulx-en-Velin, and magnificent, which of better than to lead away of the attraction on islands, it me reminder he American islands.





The unitz paraded, you recognize? Good-safe; created by Joyex-Clemance, she knew how to put some taste in is unitz, for trendy one exemplary show, who knows maybe, is it you future Star?;)





Thank you for having looked, the first one Maga, in English language! Sorry, if the translation, is not still good, but one can only improve in the daytime in days! Bye for now!

Your writer Equinox.


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